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How to make money from Owning A Bitcoin Will Be Rare And Ripple XRP Use Cases

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  • Fellow Sheep says:


  • rio847 mota says:

    But what about all the electricity it takes to mine a bitcoin? No body what's to talk about that

  • Josh Doe says:

    Digital asset investor, what happened to your comment asking for people to click on a fake link asking for them to send XRP or any other coin and in return they’d get up to 50k XRP? And then all the spam/fake accounts underneath it obviously fake comments saying “omg digital asset investor thank you! I just sent 700 XRP and in return I got 55k XRP back 🔥🔥🔥” Lolol this guy is stealing y’all a money and when someone calls him out he deletes the comments

  • If I had $3600 laying around it would be a tough decision whether to buy a Bitcoin or more XRP. In days gone by it would have been Bitcoin, but after so many splits I don't have much confidence in the Bitcoin miners. So perhaps XRP would win out. In fact all my digital assets are currently XRP so that must settle the issue, otherwise how do I explain not converting all back to Bitcoin??

  • John Dow says:

    How do you/we know if the XRP donated REALLY goes to the charities?? That's the oldest scam in the world pretending to collect donations for charities and pocketing the money. If you want to donate, donate DIRECTLY to the charity of your choice. This is the best approach and then, you just hope that the organization doesn't mismanage their funds with CEO paying themselves millions of dollars in salary…

  • If even this guy that only talks about Xrp 99% of the time has 1 bitcoin., that should be a wake up call for everybody. Everyone in crypto should have at least 1 bitcoin! Diversify guys before it's too late…

  • stone840 says:

    Cover of MSN……Russia bristles as fresh US sanctions loom. All of this Venezuela Iran and Russia sanction stuff is going to be the fake story they can tell everyone why XRP is the Global reserve currency after its all said and done.

  • good video! hey who is your software graphics guys?

  • Yes it's true the people that own one full Bitcoin before the moon will mean you instantly become apart of the 1%

  • John Ward says:

    Bitcoin halving 2020, this will possibly lead the next bull run.

  • John Elser says:

    Watch out for the XRP give away scam ! Do 5 min research went to exchange online no XRP give away just a warning about the scam

  • The fx settlement alone is 5 trillion dollars per day market alone, that's huge

  • Trew Skye says:

    DAI and Subscribers, join us on Discord where we will gather live once XRP is at least $10 to start planning meet-ups and other celebrations.

  • Trew Skye says:

    Wait until we tell them how many XRP we have while they can only afford a few!

  • Jim Anderson says:

    Fidelity should just make it all with a market cap of $1billion + that would mean the top 12

  • Rick Knowles says:

    Listening to Eri, Facts JP Morgan since 2010 has been charged with Bank and Securities fraud 48 time with 28 BILLION in fines. Lets get this word out JP Morgan coin is the FRAUD COIN. LOL

  • XRP and the whole cryptocurrency bear market is classic Warren Buffett. "Buy beaten-down investments when everybody else is running. Be greedy."
    That's been his secret of success

  • shannon dail says:


  • Poll for listeners:
    37k XRP and ZERO BTC, or…
    25k XRP and ONE BTC?

  • rareasfunk says:

    XRP gonna go to at least 30c by EOY keep filling your bags and putting cinnamon in your coffee pull up your big boy pants!!

  • Db says:

    In the middle you showed the emotional rollercoaster.
    I look at it differently. I consider myself lucky to be able to invest in this,
    it's good to know about it early and get in now. let it fluctuate as it will.
    I get a tax refund and always save/invest it. first it was on Fidelity with stocks,
    now digital assets. Stellar Lumens (XLM) will be the XRP of the corporate world.
    I will be sure to at least match it with my XRP holdings. IBM will be using it and that
    means their partners & contractors & affiliates may need to also, just to do business with the firm.
    and it wont be any burden it will make things quite seamless in the business world they all live in.
    Oh big things coming baby, we cant even see yet. you just cant see around corners.

  • C N says:

    I hope Bitcoin succeeds but I very seriously doubt it. Math is not on the side of btc.

    At $100K/btc the miners would get $180 million/day.

    1,800 btc/day x $100,000 = $180 million/day

    They need to sell the majority to pay for expenses. That is downward pressure, right? A LOT of downward pressure. Very BASIC SUPLLY/DEMAND we are talking about here. Way too much supply.
    That would mean an extra $180 million would have to come into btc each day just to keep the price stable.

    This ^ perfectly explains why btc is has incredibly volatile price swings. As the price goes up the miners get equivalently more btc which at this point they are mostly selling.

    So the higher the price the more the downward pressure, right?

    Halvings happen every 4 years. Satoshi just didn't expect the price would go up so fast. In reality, the halvings should have happened every year which may have saved Bitcoin. At current pace they are not "keeping up" with the amount of $ the miners are getting and selling on the market.

    People want to make money and they do that by the price going up, and because of ^ there is a very clear upper limit on the price.

    Do we really think it can get to $1,000,000/btc ? If it does the miners will be getting $1.8 billion/day(if it happens in the next ~ 1.5 years). For the next ~ 4 years after that they would be getting ~ $900 million/day.
    $1.8 billion/day is $657 BILLION/year. I'm no financial dude, but this sure seems unsustainable.

    It seems unlikely the miners will vote for a non POW method, right? And any fork would be like Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin Cash SV with all kinds of drama and questions, right?

    I just don't see how Bitcoin goes past $10,000 for more than a few months before the downward pressure brings it back to where it is or lower. Wall Street is smart and does the math and sees this.

    It doesn't matter that there are only $21 million btc possible if there are tens to hundreds of millions of dollars of downward pressure per day. Supply and Demand will take over.

    All POW cryptos suffer from the same problem. As the price goes up so does the downward pressure.

    Other non POW cryptos may have it slightly better off. XRP and XLM have similar downward pressure as Ripple and Stellar sell on the open market. The difference is those companies take the profits from the sale and put them into promoting their crypto.

    Maybe EOS or Cardano? They do not seem to have the downward pressure, but in my opinion smart contracts are still several years for real usage. The first iteration of applications will introduce bug ridden code that will lose people billions of dollars. This is not like writing html or web apps. The downside of a bug can mean disaster, and anybody that writes software for a living knows that bugs are part of the process. Eventually, companies will form that will be a combination of an insurance company and a code verifyer/approver. Crack teams will put their stamp of approval that if there are bugs that lose people money the related insurance company will pay. In the not so distant future AI will probably take care of this. It is a perfect use case.

    Mr. DAI. Again, I have a very hard time taking you seriously when you talk about the possibility of btc/Bitcoin going up in value significantly in the long term. The math just does not work out as the price goes up. Can someone tell me why Im' wrong. Seriously!

  • jacobsladder says:

    Due to the 20 XRP minimum at these low prices is not a concern for the average retail investor. If it goes as high as we know it will then the average retail investor will not be able to afford to get in unless they lower the minimum or do away with it.

  • Fun fact, the average retail person cannot even but 1 BTC unless he saves 1month of his income

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