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US Mint Suspends Silver Eagle Sales Due to High Demand

Tron CEO Calls Bitcoin Bottom, Goldman Sachs Says Crypto Will Challenge Banks, and Binance-Backed Token Sale Blasts Off

Tron CEO Calls Bitcoin Bottom, Goldman Sachs Says Crypto Will Challenge Banks, and Binance-Backed Token Sale Blasts Off

Coinbase Adds XRP – Whats Next?

Coinbase Adds XRP – Whats Next?

Why Nasdaq’s Real-Time Crypto Data Portal Might Soon List Ripple

Why Nasdaq’s Real-Time Crypto Data Portal Might Soon List Ripple

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  • XRP J.T says:

    I use coinbase as a bridge I don't see a reason to sell digital assets for fiat in large amounts anyway
    It will be interest bearing, Which is happening as we speak
    We should feel very lucky we are able to participate in this market before the big institutions,

  • bullshit, it is just a short pump and dump

  • Creation says:

    But for xrp is it going live or bitcoin and etherium first

  • I was a bit torn between buying more silver or more crypto. Since coinbase opened up XRP sales, I ended up going with xrp. I"m not a coinbase fan, but if they can serve my needs, I'm not going to say no. Pretty crazy they sold more than $34mil in silver eagles. I've been listening to folks that know about this stuff and it seems that USD will likely keep preforming well until things really drop off the cliff and QE starts again. I am hearing more and more on the institutional investment front. Llyods just started to offer insurance, which is a piece that has been missing. The more innovative investment firms are starting to allocate 5% or so towards crypto but, it seems like they are more interested in the security investment in the crypto companies rather than in the token market. That more easily fits into their prior experience in investment but, the returns that can be had in the token market is truly unparalleled in history. I'm thinking that in this year the financial institution who are more comfortable with the risk will get into the market. The more risk averse firms will be lagging a bit and might not get into the market until 2020 when FOMO really starts to hit them. The whole cryptosphere is still very analogous to the early internet, big investors would have to be fools to miss out on this action.

  • MJX5 says:

    "XRP was created to be valued at 20k per coin. 2025." – Lord Rothschild

  • I think the only reason Coinbase is adding XRP now IMO is that they are trying to get a jump on Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Etoro, and the other exchanges that are set to go live. Ask yourself if you didn’t know anything about crypto and your regular equities broker offers it are you going to by from coinbase or your regular broker? They are trying to make a presence before the markets open up and create the new digital asset market. Basically I think they shot themselves in the foot by waiting to list it.

  • David C says:

    XRP was a must have for Coinbase and most likely something they had to do rather than wanted to do. I have a Coinbase account and do use it as a on ramp and off ramp to send crypto to other exchanges etc

  • john d says:

    coin base saw the money alot of ppl moving xrp around so they want a pie of it

  • crypto cash says:

    I started with coinbase and stopped using them since they did not list XRP. I still use them just to cash out and now buy XRP when the chance arises. Love hate relationship.

  • Coinbase is a great exchange
    It’s very easy to use for beginners entering the crypto currency market. It also has a great professional site for advanced trading.

    I see a great future for Coinbase and I say let go of the past hate for not listing XRP last year. I was disappointed too but the have corrected their mistake and will be adding many others soon

    If you’re reading this …
    Please add


    And ERC20 tokens

    Thank you!!!

  • Alex Ross says:

    PM and cryptos will rule, cash will go away..notice how Russia China India are stocking on Gold?? I`m happy with Uphold, do not care about Coinbase.

  • Paul Nubreu says:

    "Hey guys" is still very annoying but it is improved. Just go with a simple "Hello".

  • Sam Son says:

    BTC 5k in 2019! Better than a kick in the teeth, lol

  • Sam Son says:

    2019 – accumulation year,
    2020 back to all time high,
    2021 -2022 new all time highs

    A few years from then 1BTC > $1mil.

  • Crypto Time says:

    Coinbase is the best!!!

  • Karl Wagner says:

    To me its great news because we need competition in this space. Fees are rediculous on these exchanges.

  • Maria Palma says:

    I think Coinbase is also trying to compete with Binance because you can now buy XRP on Binance with a card. I used to use Coinbase as a bridge to buy Litecoin and then send to Binance to trade to XRP.

  • Marceau B. says:

    Hej WMC! Thanks for the update. Thanks to you I took the plunge and created my own Twitter account 😉

  • hotwax01 says:

    Good video. I personally would not move into silver. I think A COUPLE digital assets are far better move than silver. XRP being the obvious best.
    Justin Sun’s comments are worthless, he is biased to his bit torrent move. By the way, bit torrent purchase was an awful move, Sun is a terrible visionary. He’s naive and inexperienced.
    Coinbase is just another exchange. Who cares.
    Nasdaq is very important on sooooooo many levels. Perception and cred is everything in finance. I think we will see xrp listed very soon on the liquid index.

  • D Buk says:

    It's on Coinbase pro now but when it goes on Coinbase and their mobile app that's when price will start to rise up cause now the millions of users on Coinbase and new comers will now be able to buy xrp easily!

  • W B says:

    Chinese Bamboo…

  • Coinbase XRP listing will certainly get a load of interested John Doe's into the game, could help volume increase, but don't expect it to make an earthshaking difference! We need Global adoption for that. NASDAQ would help alot more

  • MrCidVicious says:

    If BTC respects the 200 WMA, then we already know where the bottom is and it will bounce off accordingly. Expect swings in this consolidation period until bull.

  • Christ LIGHT says:

    i was on coinbase , but emptied that account to another exchange ..
    best crypto move I made ever ..

  • I personaly will never use Coinbase, they manipulated the market by adding XRP this late in the game. And to be honnest i.m.o they have become irrelivant now.

  • Sirius B says:

    Only the XRP cult followers will continue to boycott Coinbase. 😂
    With less than 1% of the population invested in XRP means there is a huge untapped market for Coinbase.
    Never get emotional about investing. Even Ripple and R3 figured out their issues and made a business deal.

  • Kurt T says:

    Voyager is gonna take over Coinbase and Uphold Marketshare. There is no fees so why would you want to pay more? Plus instant trading upon deposit and 5k deposit limit vs 500 at uphold. Not trying to shill, I just think more people will go there once they try it out. Only downside is you can’t transfer your tokens out yet until they enable that feature in like a month or two.

  • With a company like Fidelity I can see the big benefit will be tens of millions of people having the option to diversify their 401K investments by sliding a percentage of their bi monthly contributions to a crypto fund. Diversified….say, ten tokens making up the fund. XRP would surely be one of the ten.


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