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How to make money from Matcha Monday: T2 Matcha Berry Ripple Review

a review on the new matcha from T2



  • See I wasn't sure when I tried this for the first time in the store. Don't get me wrong it was tasty but it just wasn't what I expected if you get what I mean. I think its just too Berry for me I would have liked the matcha to come through a little stronger for me. I also think for the amount that you get it price point is quite high. Ive seen so many people post about not liking matcha and I try to give them tips to help because if you prepare it properly and ease yourself into it you will end up loving it because its amazing.

  • Jaffa from Jaffa Oranges! I'm not a Matcha drinker.

  • My first Matcha was at DT and I had Mango Boost, it was my first intro into Matcha and I was instantly hooked. It was delicious and i love so many matchas now

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