Incurance is Ripple XRP: Can XRP Price Be Maintained Higher From xRapid Volume? insurance car insurance home insurance in islam insurance europe

How to make money from Ripple XRP: Can XRP Price Be Maintained Higher From xRapid Volume?

I believe xRapid will help XRP maintain a higher price after the next bullrun what do you guys think?

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  • tom egert says:

    A reason why XRP may never be worth more than $50 if even that. A 100 billion (# of XRP) times $25.00 U.S. dollars equals

    2.5 trillion US $ With a value of 2 plus trillion, XRP would be worth more than ANY other company or bank or business in the world? An XRP value of $210 gives a market cap of 21 trillion dollars which the total nation debt of the United States.

  • bo Jacob says:

    why don't ripple open an application for same time payments , everybody will use it all over the world 🌎

  • DAN SKI says:

    Hi all. Great video. Brad forgot one thing about the SIX article. Near the bottom it mentions the SIX stock exchange is planning to tokenize assets and they announced they will be using R3 Corda for settlement. R3 Corda uses XRP,…..HUGE!!!!! SIX is expecting this to go live second half of 2019. I'm waiting and accumulating.

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