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  • 🔥🔥🔥HODL🔥🔥🔥👍😉🇸🇻

  • Fid LaF says:

    Who came first BTC or Patent history
    Patent number: 5025369
    Type: Grant
    Filed: Aug 25, 1988
    Date of the patent: June 18, 1991
    Assignee: David Schwartz Enterprises, Inc. (New York, NY)
    Inventor: David J. Schwartz (Woodmere, NY)
    Principal Examiner: David Y. ENG
    Law office: Blum Kaplan
    Application number. 7/236493

  • Fid LaF says:

    Four seemingly insurmountable challenges of Bitcoin:
    1. High transactions costs, preventing small-scale transactions or even micro/nano transactions required for the Internet of Things;
    2. Low number of transactions per second, which prevents it from being used in everyday life;
    3. A centralised cryptocurrency that can be controlled by a few mining pools, if they wanted to;
    4. An unsustainable energy consumption, even if all miners would switch to clean energy.
    Bitcoin does not have a future and will ultimately fail. It will become the Myspace of cryptocurrencies.

    Palm Pilot
    Tower Records


    Any questions?

  • Fid LaF says:

    If you really love XRP. Then help XRP DECOUPLED. It is very simple to decoupled. STOP buying XRP with BTC.
    If you really love XRP you would never buy XRP thru bitcoin first.

  • Fid LaF says:

    While Bitcoin maximalists will point to overlay software such as Lightning, there have been numerous intractable problems with using secondary software to interact with POW networks. Using a secondary network to scale doesn’t solve the problem of using a completely inadequate base-layer technology.

  • Fid LaF says:

    So many Bitcoin maximalists would have you believe that Bitcoin is simply untouchable.
    "But but but, it's anonymous". No it's pseudoanonymous, just like most of the other coins.
    “But but but, it's decentralized". No, a few Chinese mining pools control over 51% of the hash rate, and 4.11% of BTC holders hold 96.53% of BTC.
    "But but but the government can never take your bitcoins away". True, but they can make bitcoins illegal, destroying the current value into dust.
    "But but but Lightning Network will make Bitcoin competitive again". LN works with ALL coins, it won't give Bitcoin any special advantage. Regardless though, if an altcoin (say XRP?) already performs at far greater transaction rates than LN, and costs nearly nothing, then why would you choose a bicycle with wings, over a jet? Moreover, LN is having all kinds of problems with scaling.
    "But but but, it's a store of value!". Every coin, every single coin, is a store of value. That's what makes them coins. If they didn't store value, then what would they be good for?
    The point is, Bitcoin is running out of cards. It simply cannot compete with the next generation of tokens. It's basic human nature to stay with what is familiar, and so we witness the predictable manifestation of purists, maximalists, and anarchists, hanging on for dear life to their beloved 'precious'. Here's the kicker though, none of these Bitcoin evangelists have any power to stop what's coming.

  • He keeps asking her about DLT and she keeps avoiding the questions and she NEVER says XRP or Ripple! LOL!

  • Peter Effing says:

    We XRPeeers – Do Not Use Coin Market Cap – As XRP People… DAI…. Keep Plugging A Better one – Keep those Big Boy Pants On and Yes – I have tried Cinnamon in ma Coffee..

  • crypto sosa says:


  • I think Bitcoin could be a profitable investment however I'm concerned with the risk of 80% of the miners in China. Nobody seems to be to concerned about this. But China miners could cripple or steal BTC, couldn't they? As far as longterm BTC, with it's high costs and lack of scalability that could be its downfall in years to come!

  • My understanding of what i read in one of the pattents of bob way is that the value of xrp is going to be directly tied to the operating banking record keeping and authentification of all transfers and asset possessions of everybody on the network so instead of being backed by a physical assets like gold the value is going to be backed by the record keeping and banking network

  • Anders says:

    It seems to me that DAI has sold his soul to untalented and useless BTC, how much do they pay buddy?

    Sorry, I'm kidding;)

  • S Thompson says:

    “I’m not going to be using them (CMC) anymore” said while there is a coinmarketcap tab open at the top🤦🏻‍♂️

  • As now, 1 BTC = 12500 XRP. If BTC ever hit 1 Milion, I need XRP at 80$. I will never take the Bitcoin, XRP will eclipse it. Sorry DAI, I disagree BUT you are great!! thanks for your work!

  • For the record at least one thing has gone up in value after giving it all away, and that's Kim Kardashian's PΩ§§¥.

  • LOVE you content, DAI! Wouldn't it be great if general public, XRP bag holders, could create their own "mini" XRP pools, almost like mini exchanges and live off the fees, thus never having to cell the XRP. Let's get Wietse Wind on it!!!

  • J. Perez says:

    Galgitron swears he knows it all. This is a ex ripple employee. It doesn't get better than that.

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